Salloumi is retired ..
However, you may take a moment to read its story!
Salloumi —the video sharing website— was created back in 2007, a week after graduation with a bachelor degree in computer science. Getting the website up and running was a matter of installing a ready-made script, which was priced at USD 120, on a rented dedicated server. Website's customization was a mess, but was finally released in a week or two where my nephews —who are at my age— and I started uploading videos into the website. Everyone's task was to upload 30 short videos a day, which brought up a good library to start the video-sharing service with.
the official logo prior to retirement.
Visitors rate started to increase dramatically where the dedicated server could not handle the load. I had to rent a bigger, faster and reasonably more expensive server and move the website's content to it. Salloumi —at that time— had a couple of thousands of videos, and moving them to the new server was not an easy task to complete. However, with the help of Mr. Bashar Al-Abdulhadi —the CTO of KuwaitNET— I could move the teras in a few hours. Thank you Bashar.
The new server could handle a very large number of visitors but did not perform as fast as expected, and as the website visitors' base grows, the more vulnerable the service becomes. This is where I concluded that those ready-made scripts were poorly coded and were not coded to be reliable under large-scale projects. It is where I decided to write the new super version of Salloumi from scratch to make it fully reliable, fast, secure, and meet new trends algorithms. In a couple of months I could finish 80% of the new web system but did not plan to launch it. However, I had to do so as a result of a Chinese database attack that occurred out of a sudden.
Salloumi was stable since then, and became an icon to optimized coding seekers. People started using Salloumi as their daily website to visit and watch what's new. People started communities in there, and I liked it! It was very usual to see intellectual-property violations where some users start uploading movies and tv shows. However, I was very cooperative with IP agencies who killed me with their video-deletion requests. I recall the names of all their representatives and I like their formal letters. Bandwidth was a pain in the butt that cost a fortune! However, Mr. Bashar did not hesitate to share his company servers' unused-traffic. Thank you again Bashar.
Salloumi was not a waste of time! It actually was something that has driven me into the e-business world. I learned a lot and would definitely do it again! And continuing with Salloumi was doable! However, efforts and time can be better utilized within this field, e-business.
Thank you goes to everyone have had a hand in making Salloumi successful, and I mean it, everyone! Thank you goes to you too for having a moment to read its story, and I do apologize that Salloumi is no longer able to deliver the content you are looking for. Hope you have a great day!
Yours sincerely,

Abdullah S. Al-Salloum, M.B.A.
Salloumi's daddy